Handy Library Manager
 for Windows

Library Administrator / Tabbed Toolbars

You can quickly access all application commands from the set of toolbars.

Tabbed Toolbars


The Main Toolbar gives you convenient access to the most often used library features.

library administrator: main library functions
Circulations (1) Library / Patron (2) Library Loans, Fines, Reservations (3)

Add Items / Add Borrowers

On this toolbar, you can find two useful commands that let you add new items and new borrowers into the "working" tables.

library administrator: add items, patrons commands

The Add Items/Borrowers toolbar gives you access to "add data in bulk" features. You can import your data, type in, or in the case of books, you can use the auto-cataloging by ISBN feature.

After reviewing new records, you can move all data to the main library database.

Do you want to process your data quickly and improve the efficiency of the auto cataloging feature? Then, you can add new items from the ISBN lists.

Did you add your data from another file? And, your items do not include many details but have ISBNs. Then, you can use the auto-update feature and improve the quality of your data.

Add LibraryItems
Add Borrowers

Edit/View Table

The Edit/View Table toolbar offers you access to the various tables used by our library system.

library administrator: access all library tables

You can move records between similar tables. For example, if a lost item is found, you can move it back to the main library table. Likewise, the old borrower renews the library membership. Again, you can move the borrower to the library patron's table.

By mistake, somebody deleted items from the library. You can review this in the log table.

Once in a while, you should decrease the size of your library database. You can do it by deleting old loans and old log transactions.


It is recommended that you back up your library data regularly e.g., once a week or once a month. You should especially do a backup after entering new records.

library administrator: library backup commands

You can set the automatic backup feature in the Options.

When moving our application and data to a new computer, use the backup feature.

Always backup your data and the folder before running the advanced feature if you are unsure about the final results. Examples of advanced features: search/replace, modify data fields, customize forms, import.



The Maintenance toolbar offers you access to the set of advanced functions.

library administrator: maintenance, inventory features, run SQL

Would you like to check your items in the library against the records in the system. In this case we recommend to run inventory audit procedure. The inventory audit procedure lets you assess which items exist in the library rooms and which are lost.

Before you try to use other commands please review explanations in our help topics.



library administrator: help, about, support form

In the about window, you can find the application's version number, the support expiry date, and the name of the registered user.

Please use the support form feature to copy the user/system information into your email.

Click on the Help to display the index page of the help system.


library administrator: upgrade, register

Do you want to upgrade your license or extend support, click Pay For License Upgrade or Buy Support Online.

Minor updates are free. You can update all your executables modules directly from the program. Just click Check For Updates.

Apps (new in version 4.0)

Handy Library System offers several stand-alone applications. You do not have to pay extra to use them. You can start the app from this toolbar, the Windows Start menu, or the desktop panel.

library administrator: handy library apps

The search app lets your library members search for items.

You add new library records in the Data Entry Module without accessing the Handy Library Manager system.

Patrons or volunteers can process loans and returns in the Check-In/Check-Out app.

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