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How to edit library data?

You can access Edit and Quick Edit in the Library Main Catalog window. The edit features let you modify the data or enter new missing information.

Users with the purchased technical support can use auto-update feature. In this case, the application updates missing information from the web. The update feature uses the ISBN value from the ISBN data field.

edit library item information

Click Edit in the main Library window.

Edit Item (auto-update by ISBN):

Edit Item (auto-update by ISBN):

Review the Search Type (1) and select the field that stores the search value (ISBN) (1a).

Next, choose Search Site (2).

Click Web Search (3).

Review notes in the Information window (4).

Click Save & Close to save changes (5).

Note: this features updates only empty data fields.

Quick Edit

Quick Edit

Click Quick Edit (1).

The Quick Edit (2) form lets you edit data in the main library catalog window.

Edit Copy

Edit Copy:

If you have several copies of the same book, you can select the copy and click Edit (1) in the copy section.

Modify data in the Edit Copy (2) window.


  • Handy Library Manager supports the data search and replace. Use this feature if you want to execute the same change in all records.
  • We provide SQL UPDATE database service.

We helped users in the following situations:
- use the first three letters from the AUTHOR data field and insert them into the CALL data field;
- change "FirstName LastName" entries to "LastName, FirstName";
- clean selected data fields from unwanted characters;





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