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How to enter one library item ?

You can access Add and Quick Add in the Library Main Catalog and Library New Items windows.

You can type in your item information or add one book quickly using auto-cataloging by the ISBN feature. Users who purchased the yearly support can benefit from the ISBN auto-cataloging feature.

If you add a new item to the Library New Items table, you must move new records to the Main Library catalog.

Title data fields cannot be left empty. Please enter a title (TITLE). If you do not provide a barcode number (BARCODE), the program will automatically generate one.

Click Add in the main Library window.

Add Item (add quickly one book using ISBN number or type in item information)

Review Search Type (1)

Enter or scan ISBN (2) number (only numbers).

Select Search Site (3).

Click Web Search (4).

Review result (5).

Click Save & Close or Save & Next (6).

Notes: if your book already has a barcode label, enter or scan it into the BARCODE field. If you leave it empty the program will create a unique barcode value.

Quick Add (add quickly one book using ISBN search or type data in)

Click Quick Add (1).

Enter or scan ISBN (2) number (only numbers).

Select search site (3).

Click Search (4).

Review result (5).

Click Save New (6).

Notes: if your book already has a barcode, enter or scan it into the BARCODE field. If you leave it empty the program will create a unique barcode value.

library adding date, barcode and date added information

What happens after the new record is saved?

BARCODE: if you did not enter barcode value the system creates the value automatically for you. The format should be set in the Barcode Options.

DATE_ADDED: the software creates this value automatically. The today's date value is used. Use DATE_ADDED data value to display recently added record and then print labels or reports.

Print Marker, Print Copy Marker: if you add new records and later you would like to process only this group of records use print markers. The program will let you easily select and process records with print markers set to ON.

You can change order or selection in the Web Search Options window.

Question: Is there a way I can add books in the system that do not come up in Library of Congress, or the other web search? I just want to enter them in manually.

Answer: Open Add Item or Quick Add form and type data into the data fields.

Question: I would like today's date to appear on each catalogue record i.e. date item catalogued.

Answer: Today's date is created automatically by the system. The value is stored in the DATE_ADDED data field.

Question: Adding new items, Is there a way that if we add a new item, that might have previously been entered, that the software will ask/warn that a copy already exists?

Answer: If you enter a new item with the TITLE that is already in the library database the program will display Item Exists warning window. If you are not sure why it happened please close the window and execute search by TITLE and review your entry. Check: Are you trying to enter the same item? or, Is it a new copy of the same item? or, Maybe it's a new book with the same title.

Question: We want to make Library of Congress (not Amazon) our default source for importing data from the Web. I found where to do that when we are doing a batch, but we prefer to import one book at a time. And when we do, it always defaults to Amazon, so that we have to change it to Library of Congress each time. We will never use Amazon (far too many problems) and would like to delete it from the dropdown menu once and for all, so that Library of Congress would always appear first as the default source. But I could not find a way to edit this dropdown menu. Is it possible?

Answer: Please modify the file small_lib.ini, change site search order.

Question: I agree that the Handy Library Manager is much easier to use. I am adding new books now by scanning their ISBN and doing a web search. If I have more than one copy of each of the books I scan, how do you recommend I file that? Do I scan it 2 or 3 times, depending on the number of copies, or is there another easier and faster way to catalog them with their copies & barcode labels. I liked the way you guys added one main entry for the books in my backup file from Small organizer pro and then just combined the copies in the one main entry. How can I do that when I am initially entering the new books? I have more than one copy for each new entry.

Answer: Add one item, review this help topic, to add new copy/copies use Add Copy command or use Duplicate Copy command.

Question: We have books written by local authors that do not have an isbn or LOC call number. how can we add a book that does not and cannot have an isbn number? the program won't allow us to enter something without it.

Answer: You can catalog books manually. You can decide what information you would like to enter about your books. There is only one data field that cannot be empty. It is a TITLE. (things to know about data fields in the library catalog)

Question: How do I create a bar code for a book item which does not have one?

Answer: If you do not enter the barcode, the program creates the number for you. You can set the length of the barcode number in the options; please review the "barcode help section" on the following page: define library barcode formats.

Question: Is there a way to input books without the ISBNs we got in our library? These are books produced and distributed to schools by our Ministry of Education.

Answer: You can enter the book information manually. Click the Add button in the main library catalog window and type the book information.

Question: Is there a way to catalog DVDs? My church library has an extensive collection, and I would like to have barcodes on them, too, so they can be checked out like books.

Answer: In our Handy Library Manager, you can manage all your library items, such as books, dvds, cds, magazines, articles, or equipment. There are sample records in the demo version.

Question: I am helping local church/preschool input library into this software. We are on trial right now. Pastor wants to know how do we scan ISBN book barcode graphic into software? (the one that is on back of book) If we do this, will it input all the book info automatically so we don't have to? Also, when we enter ISBN into form, is it suppose to fill out blanks (title, etc) on rest of form?

Answer: Scan the barcode from the book into the ISBN box (Add/Edit Item Form), select the Search Site, then click Web Search. If the search is successful, it enters the book information into the data fields. Click Save and Close to save the entry.

Question: Our Church library has several books that do not have the ISBN number. I have searched online and with the publisher, but I cannot find them. Is there a way to manually create a record without the ISBN? I am a school Library Media Specialist, and I have done this with our circulation program, but I am not sure how to do it with Handy Library Manager.

Answer: You can manually enter book information in the Add/Edit Item form.
How to find a book's ISBN, LCCN, or ASIN and use auto cataloging?

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