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List of PDF files with ready to print barcode labels.

We list several PDF files that include 2000 ready to print barcode labels. Download the file and save it on your hard drive. Open the file in PDF file reader, print one page to test, print selected pages or the whole file.

Before you try to print labels you should review the following topics:

Each file includes 2000 labels.
Starting number: 001001
Ending number: 003000
Bar Code type: Code 39

barcode labels, 20 per page, Avery 5161

barcode labels, 30 per page, Avery 5160

barcode labels, 20 per page, Avery 5162

barcode labels, 24 per page, Avery 60517

barcode labels, 32 per page, Avery 6576

barcode labels, 42 per page, Demco

For registered users with valid support we process free custom bar codes orders (in PDF file form). Please use the feedback form to send us details. In the NOTE area include the label brand name (example: Avery, Demco), identification number (AV 5160, Demco , size (Width x Height), number of labels per page, you library name (if included on the label), number of digits (8), number of barcodes (4000), starting number (1001). We use CODE 39 bar code format.

We would like to order labels with barcodes. Do you sell them?

If you order pre-printed barcode labels from a library specialized store it will cost your organization about $30 - $45 for 1000. Why not to save money and print labels on your library (or member) laser printer. All libraries that purchased our support service could receive ready to use barcode labels in a pdf file format. Just let us know your library name, starting number, number of digits in the barcode, and a label type your library is using. We can create barcode labels for almost all label types that are printed on Letter or A4 sheets.

I am hoping that you can help me. We ordered books for our curriculum dept and many of them came in without bar codes. Is there a function within your program that we can print many bar codes at a time (on stickers) to adhere to the books and then load them into the system?

Is there a way to have barcodes printed first so when we are inputting books into the database at the same time we are able to be putting on barcodes on the books instead inputting books first then having to print barcodes then get the books out again and put them on the books?

I want to use method where I print barcodes in advance and then assign them to a book. I know how to add or modify ISBN in Handy, but can Handy generate a list of say 500 ISBN/barcodes? I need to be able to print out about 500 ISBN/barcodes on Avery 5160 labels, stick them on books, and then add them as ISBN in the system. I just don't know how to get 500 unassigned barcodes.

I believe you offered to make a sheet of barcode labels for us. We would need about 1500 labels. How would we print these? I am thinking that we would print these labels, and then as we enter the new books into the software, scan the barcode label and attach it to the book. How do we make the spine labels and at what point do we print them and attach them?

In the old program (Organizer Pro) I could generate a page of barcode labels, just numbers that I chose and printed up to use on the books as I processed them. Is there a way to do this with Handy Library Manager? All I can find is how to make labels for books already in the system.

Review our selection of library labels: we can create a PDF file with bar codes for any label sheet together with your library name. This service is free for users of our library software.

I am from Private School and we are needing to get some new bar code labels to place on our new books. We are ready for 6001 and usually get 2000 numbers at a time. Would it be possible to email the PDF for this to me? Our current labels have our school library name at the top with the bar code in middle, and the number at the bottom.

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