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Library label suppliers?

We recommend using Avery labels for labeling purposes. They are highly cost-effective and readily available online and at your local office supply store. You can find Avery Labels on Amazon.com, where many sellers offer competitive prices and excellent delivery or return service. Additionally, many products have user reviews that can help you make an informed decision. If your library uses specific library labels, you can continue using them. The Handy Library allows you to print labels from the following library store.

Avery Labels at Amazon.com (#commissionsearned)

If your library uses specialized labels, no worries! With Handy Library, you can print labels from the following stores:

Avery Labels

Demco Inc.



Foothills Library Solutions

Brodart Company

The Libary Store

Carr McLean

Label Templates

This topic will guide you on how to define a new label template using our library print label feature. If you encounter any issues, feel free to contact us or provide us with the label brand name and product number. Do you have any questions related to library labels?


We offer various types of labels in PDF format that you can download for free. Additionally, you can also print pre-designed barcode labels for free.

bar code labels, catalogue cards, spine labels, circulation labels, pocket labels, due slips, processing labels, patron cards, item tags, and more:

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