Handy Library Manager
 for Windows

How to delete loan transaction(s)?

The program does not allow you to delete a borrower or a library item that have a loan history. In order to delete a borrower or a library item you should delete all corresponding loan transactions or move all corresponding loan transactions to Old Loans table.

Backup your library databases before you try to delete or move loan transaction(s).

How to delete one loan transaction ?

On the Edit/View tab click Loans (1).

In the Loans Database select the loan transaction (1) and click Delete (2).

How to delete a group of loan transactions ?

Define search (1): select Name in the Field To Search box; enter borrower's name (Smith, John); review displayed loan transactions (2).

Review displayed loan transactions (1).

In the Miscellaneous tab click Delete All (2).

How to move loan transaction(s) ?

You can also move all or selected loan transactions to OLD_LOANS table.

Note: If you delete a library item (from LIBRARY table) or a borrower (from BORROWER table), the program deletes automatically all related loan transactions from the OLD_LOANS table.

How do I clear the sample fields (ie. the John Doe, John Smith ones)? They say it can't be deleted because there is a loan history (how do I clear the loan history).

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