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Help, how to topics > Tracking circulation transactions > Check in/out transactions table.

Loan (circulation) transactions table.

  1. Click Edit/View Table tab.
  2. Click Loans.

  1. Loans table.
  2. Edit, delete selected, delete or move all transactions.

  1. Click Advanced Search tab.
  2. Define advanced search query to display old transactions.
  3. For example: display all transactions from 2015 (only returned items).

  1. Click Move Loans tab.
  2. Click Move All Loans to move displayed transactions to Old Loans.

Ever since spring break, my due dates have been off a week. I have been having to change them manually per student. Can you tell me how I can change this so that it applies to all loans?

The global search/replace is not yet implemented in the LOANS table.

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