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How to set automated emails with your Gmail account? (Gmail SMTP Settings)

Log in to your Google account using Chrome browser and go to Manage Your Google Account. Now, click on Security and make sure 2-Step Verification is on.

Create an App Password by going to this page: create an app password
Enter some name, e.g. HandyLibrary, and click Create.

Copy and paste this password into the Email Options window of the Handy Library Manager, as shown on this page.

library email options

Enter smtp.gmail.com into the SMTP Server Address box.

Enter your port number into the Port box.

Enter From Address and Reply To.

Check Use Secure SSL/TLS Connection.

Enter your Google account user id and App Password.

Select Login in the Login Type box.

Library Manager Email, I am having trouble getting the automated email feature to work. Note that I have also tried the Port setting at 25 and it didn't work either. I have also tried smtp.gmail.com in all lower case. Is this a Handy Library Manager problem or a Google problem or a laptop problem? What else do you recommend I try?

I am enjoying this library software, it is user friendly, but I have not been successful in sending email.

Question: We are having problems with sending our overdue emails form our copy of Handy Library Manager again. The message we get is: We haven’t changed the security settings on the gmail account we’re using since it was last successful.

Answer: Google has discontinued the use of Less Secure Apps option. As a result Handy Library email setup for Gmail does not work and there are new instructions.
In order to set it up you have to turn on "2-step Verification" in your Google Account security. Then, follow the steps from this page : https://www.gmass.co/blog/gmail-smtp/ Once you generate App Password you have to use it in HLM Email Setup (Password option).
User: I went through all steps and it works.

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