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How to email overdue notices? (v3.0)

Handy Library lets you print or send by email overdue notices, outstanding notices, or reservation notices. This topic explains how to email overdue notices.

Email setup parameters and standard email messages you can define in the Options window (Email Options).

Before you start using Handy Email feature you have to type in some parameters (1)

SMTP Host : this is your email host for sending out email messages; see your main email client software for the correct SMTP Host

From Address : your full email address e.g. jsmith@aol.com

Reply To : your return email address (you can leave it blank)

There are predefined notification messages: overdue notice, outstanding notice, reservation notice. To review or modify templates click Edit Notification Messages (2).

Select message type. Message is displayed in the Message box. Modify the message and click Save to save changes.

Keywords used in the message:
<DATE> is replaced with today value
<BORROWER> is replaced with borrower name
<BOOK_LIST> is replaced with book title and due date.

Overdue message example:

Dear Mr./Mrs. Doe, John,
Some of the books you have borrowed from the library are overdue. Please return the following books as soon as possible:
1) Harvey Drew & The Bin Men From Outer Space
Due: 03/21/2017
Sincerely yours,

Email notices will be sent only to library patrons with valid email addresses. Verify borrower database if all your library members have valid email addresses.

how to send overdue notices in handy library manager

Open Manage Loans window.

Select Overdue (1).

Only overdue transactions are listed (2).

Click Email All (3).

library send overdue messages

Click Send to send overdue messages to selected library members.

Overdue email is selected (email_overdue.txt). You can click on the list box and select another predefined message.


How to modify library overdue notice template, outstanding notice template, or reservation notice template. How to send email overdue notices?

I see how the list of loans outstanding can be generated as a report. How can an email be generated to send the borrower a reminder that a book is overdue?

How to send a letter to borrowers from overdue books?

We are looking to primarily manage assets in our IT department that users can borrow , for example: laptops, projectors, Verizon mifi. My question is, once items are due to return, can the system email the user saying that the item needs to be returned?

Question: I'm a Buyer here at State University. One of the offices I support lends library and equipment to the general public. They're looking for a software program that sends email messages to customers when items (books, equipment, etc.) are due. Do you offer programs with this feature?

Answer: Our library system offers the send email messages feature.

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