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How to auto-catalogue, import from text, spreadsheet, or marc files?

You don't have to catalog all your library items manually. Handy Library Manager allows you to add new inventory items to your collection in the following ways:

New records, in groups, you can only add to a temporary table (library new materials table). You can review new records, print reports, or you can add more information manually before you move them to the main database.




Question: Can I upload bibliographic records by, say, ISBN; I have about 12000 books/publications that I want to enter into my new (as yet un-purchased) database. Having looked at your website regarding version 2.4, your product appears to suit my every purpose but I could not find an answer to the question above.

Answer: For step by step instructions, you can checkout how to auto-catalogue using ISBN numbers.

Question: Hello! We are currently using Handy Library but I have some questions about additional features and the cost. If we want to scan books and do ISBN lookup for adding those books to the system, what is the fee for that? We currently have that functionality but it expires this month. Is there a location on your website where I can see the fees?

Answer: Users with the support can use the auto-cataloging feature. It costs $59.95/year. There is an upgrade support page.

Question: We are looking to update our version of the Small Library Organizer as we are using a version that I believe is quite out of date.

We have quite a bit of material within our currently library, can you tell me is it fairly easy to transfer that information to the most recent version? Also, within the current version is is possible to back up to say a Google Drive?

Answer: Handy Library Manager comes with a free library database transfer app. It is easier if we process the transfer. This service is free for users who upgrade to our new version. And it is speedy; we have already processed hundreds of transfers; it takes only one business day to process the library files. Then, you can back up your files to Google Drive.

Question: Our library is exploring new circulation systems, and we have two questions about Handy Library Manager: 1. Is it possible to use Handy with the National Library of Medicine (NLM) cataloging system? We didn't see it as an option in the dropdown menu, but we're wondering if there is a custom setting option to use NLM. 2. We are wanting to know if our existing barcodes, which are Companion 9-digit barcodes, are compatible with Handy.

Answer: Yes, we can try to create a web search script that would retrieve the National Library of Medicine results. We need the search address to test the search request format. You can use your 9-digit barcodes; our system supports barcodes entered by users or transferred from other systems.

Question: Do you provide MARC records? Do you sell book MARC records?

Answer: We do not sell MARC records. Instead, our Library System offers a web search function. For example, you can retrieve book information using ISBN in the search.

The Library of Congress offers the best book record quality. It's the world's largest library, with about 40 million books. Data quality is equal to MARC record suppliers (the MARC record costs are from $1 up to $9 per book). Using our auto-cataloging feature helps you to save a lot of time and data entry resources.

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