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How to print barcode or spine labels for new items?

Barcode Values

If you have barcode labels on your items you can enter or scan the barcode value into the BARCODE field.

If you don't have barcode labels on your items, you can let the system to create barcode numbers for you. Handy Library Manager creates automatically all barcode numbers if you don't enter the number into the BARCODE field.

Automatic barcodes are created in the library main catalog when a new item with a new copy or a new copy for the existing item is created. It happens in the following situations:

  1. you add a new item directly into the LIBRARY table.
  2. you move items from the LIBRARY_NEW table to the LIBRARY table.

How to print barcode labels for new items?

Advanced Search:
Create a search definition that displays only recently entered items. You can do this based on the record entry date (DATE_ADDED) data field or the copy id value (ID) that increases incrementally. Navigate to the Labels printing feature after obtaining the list of recently entered items. Choose a predefined label template. Use the Print Preview feature to check the content of the label report.

  1. Predefined View
  2. Advanced Search Samples
  3. Use Copy ID data field
  4. Print From Current


1. Predefined View

There is a predefined view named "New Items, Added Today". Choosing this view will display only items added today. Views refer to saved advanced search definitions.

Click on the View box (1) and select New Items, added today. It's a predefined View (defined in the Advanced Search, DATE_ADDED = CURRENT_DATE). The selected View is processed and only records that satisfy the search condition are displayed (3).

Click on the Labels and select a predefined label report (2).

All predefined reports only use records that are currently displayed in the table.



2. Advanced Search, Query Samples

Items entered in the last 2 days. Copy and paste this value into the Search Condition box (1).

Items entered in the last 7 days. Copy and paste this value into the Search Condition box.

Reprint labels for all books by a selected author (David Almond). Copy and paste this value into the Search Condition box.



3. Use Copy ID Value:

To include ID on the grid, right-click on the grid header line and choose Add/Remove Fields (1).

Handy Library Manager generates a distinct ID for each new library item, increasing by 1 with each addition. Sorting library items by ID will display them in the order they were entered, with the most recent items appearing at the end of the list.

Select the ID data field from the Select Grid Fields box (1).

Click on the ID header to sort by this column (1).

After scrolling to the end of the table (2), verify the values of the ID column.

Define the query for the ID search (3).

Execute the search and display the newly added records (1).

Click on the Labels and select a predefined label report (2).

Review the label report and print barcode labels.



4. Print From Current

If you have sorted your records by the ID data field (1), then the entry order is based on that.

In this case, you can use the Print From Current option. Just scroll down to the bottom of the table and select the Start From record.

Select the Print From Current option (1). It's important to note that the Quick Preview (2) section provides information about the label report layout. To check which records are included in the report, simply click on Preview Labels (3).

Question: Want to print 50 or so records, added today, as I complete auto cataloging, not wait until I finish all 3500 books. Is it possible?

Question: I need to print new labels for books that don't have labels and for cataloging new books. I am new to this job. Can you tell me how to go to the most recent label number so I know how to print the new labels?

Question: I was able to print my book barcode labels. Thanks again for that. I added a few new books this morning and was wondering how do I print those labels without reprinting the previous ones from yesterday?

Question: It took a while to get our labels from Amazon. We entered almost 1000 books by the time they came. By the way, the ISBN automation and mapping work great and save a LOT of time.

Now I have the labels but I do not want to print 1000 at a time. I also need them in author order in order to more easily go back and apply them.

Is there a way to select a number of records (lets say 60) in author order and then print labels? Then I would choose the next 60 and so on. Can it be done that way?

Answer: You can do this in several ways. For example, you can print labels from the library main window. First, define the order. The order of the records establishes the order of your label report. Next, you can restrict the advanced search. It will limit the number of displayed records and, at the same time, the number of printed labels. You can use ID or BARCODE data fields in the search definition. Another way is to print all labels into the pdf file. Then open the file in the pdf reader program, define the page range, and print.

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