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How to pre-print library bar code labels? (v3.0)

In our Handy Library Manage we suggest to enter items, move them to library main catalogue, and then print barcode labels. Some libraries prefer to pre print labels and use them before new item’s information is entered into the system.

In Organizer Advantage there is a table with 1000 records that lets you pre-print any number of barcode labels with your library name and your numbers. The sample table includes 3 simple data fields for storing library name, barcode number, and one additional information of your choice.

use your library name on  barcode labels

How to define your library name?

Click the Replace (1) tab. Select LIBRARY in the Fields To Be Replace (2) box.

In the Replace Mode box select Replace Entire Field Content (3).

Enter your library name into the Replace With (4) box.

Click Replace (5).

define barcodes, starting number, range

How to define starting number, prefix, bar code range, and length?

Click the Replace (1) tab. Select BARCODE in the Fields To Be Replace (2) box.

In the Replace Mode box select Create Bar Codes (3).

Enter Start From value and select the Bar Code Length (4). You can also enter the prefix value into the Text Prefix box.

For example for the starting value 1001 and the length 5 the application will create the following numbers: 01001, 01002,-, 01999, 02000)

Click Replace (5).

To print labels choose a template from the predefined label list or define a new one.

Review and print new labels.


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