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How to process data entry on several computers? (v3.0)

How to transfer data from Organizer Advantage to Handy Library Manager?

Library volunteers or data entry personnel can install Organizer Advantage on their computers and use it to catalogue new library items. When entries are completed you can transfer them into Handy Library Manager. Both programs use tables with the same structure. Field names define the mapping (the way data will transferred between tables).

Step1, enter data:

organizer advantage, handy library edition

Organizer Advantage supports the same data entry procedures as Handy Library Manager: manual entry, auto-cataloguing (1). Advanced users can benefit from the record copy/paste features (entering similar records) (2), paste from clipboard using template (pre filling data fields with the same values) (3), multiple tables (copy/move records from/to tables)(4).

organizer advantage, auto-cataloging

Organizer Advantage supports auto-cataloguing. Use ISBN number to search for the book's data.

organizer advantage, auto-cataloging, mapping

Verify the mapping, the way the search results will be saved in the table.

Step 2, transfer database from data entry computers to library main computer:

organizer advantage, library new database, check name

Organizer Advantage: the application title bar displays the database file name.

Check the database folder (1) and the database file name (2).

Transfer this file (db.fdb) to the computer with Handy Library Manager.

Open Windows File Explorer and select the folder with the database file.

In this case:
application is installed in: C:/adantage/
database files are in: C:/adantage/db/
file is: C:/adantage/db/db.fdb

Transfer this file to the computer with Handy Library Manager or use this file if both applications are installed on the same computer.

To transfer the file you can use email with attachment, memory stick, or other data media.

Save the file on the computer with Handy Library Manager.

In this case the file (db.fdb) is saved in the C:/handy_lib/data-from-advantage folder.

Step 3, move records to Handy Library Manager

Start Handy Library Manager.

Click Add Library Data from DB.

Click Select the data file.

Select the folder, select the database file, and click Open.

Verify the information displayed in the boxes. Click Append. Click Close.

New records are added to LIBRARY_NEW. Review and move them to the main library catalogue.


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