Handy Library Manager
 for Windows

Web Search Manager; New Feature in version 4.3

You can review your account settings in the Web Search Manager window, send your library database to our web server, access the Web Search options, and terminate the web search.

web search manager

Web Search Manager
Review your account details in the Web Search Manager window and check the Service Expires On (Support expiry date).

Upload Database
To activate the web search, you must upload your library database to our server. To do that, click Upload Database (1). Then, wait about 10 minutes until our server updates your database.

After uploading your library database, do not open the web search page. It will create a new search session and will postpone the database update.

Note: do not upload your database when it's not ready. You can only have one upload per month.

Web Search Options
Click Web Search Options (2) to define the layout and search options: Web Search Options.

web search manager, copy web search link

Web Search HTML Code
Include an HTML code on your website that will link to the search page. The URL link you can find in the Web Search Link box (1). You can copy the code listed below.

Copy and paste into your library web page, then replace with your web search link from the Web Search URL box.

web search manager, click open button

After your database is updated on our server, you can open your library web search by clicking the Open Web Search button (1).

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