Handy Library Manager
 for Windows

Organizer Advantage (for Handy Library Manager) (v3.0)

Handy Library customers are granted one free business essentials license for the use of our Organizer Advantage application. Organizer Advantage is a database management system for Windows. It supports many simple and advanced database management features that would help you to run your library.

Organizer Advantage (Handy Library Manager edition) offers the following features:

  • Includes library new items table: allows library volunteers to enter new data from separate computers; allows to transfer the new data from Advantage Organizer to Handy Library Manager
  • Includes library new borrowers table: lets library administrator to process new borrower records
  • Includes sample table with 1000 entries: the structure of this table is very simple, just three data fields for storing library name, barcode number, and one additional information of your choice; use this table to pre print any number of barcode labels
  • Expand the system: implement our database templates or use Designer Advantage and create custom data management solution that will let you mange library related data.

Question: Can you help me with this query please? I am using the Handy Library Manager. Our main computer HLM is always in use and if I want to catalogue new books I need to use it, but cannot always get it due to time etc. I can see that if I download the Trial HLM version onto my personal computer then I can catalogue then save to the db file and then put onto a USB and transfer onto the main library, which works but as I can only catalogue 500 items I am not sure that this is the best method? Also, am I able to match the barcode to the main Library? Is there another alternative? Am I able to catalogue items on another computer and have them line-up with the original barcodes when transferred? I can see there is an organizer advantage? Would this work? And I can see also that there was an option for more than 1 user when update ( which I did not notice until I went looking for solutions for my dilemma). Are they options? Or can you suggest another way?

Answer: You can try our Organizer Advantage app—review the topics listed on this page on how to transfer data from advantage to handy. You can also use a separate installation of Handy Library. In this case, enter new items into the Library New Items table.

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