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How to catalog library items using more than one computer? (v3.3)

How to use Handy Library Manager? (v3.3)

Install Handy Library Manager on another computer. To add new items, use the LIBRARY_NEW table. Enter new books, use the auto-cataloging by ISBN feature, or type in the book's data.

Move the library database file to the main library computer. Start Handy Library Manager and use Add Items from the DB feature.

Install Handy Library Manager on another computer and add new items into the LIBRARY_NEW table. You can access the LIBRARY_NEW table from the library administrator or the Handy Data Entry module.

To merge your new items with the main library catalog, you have to move the library database file to the library's main computer.

The library database is stored in the db.fdb file. Open Windows File Explorer, select Handy Library Manager installation folder (1), click on the db folder (2), and move db.fdb file (3) to your main library computer. You can use a memory stick or send an email with the attachment.

On the main library computer, save the db.fdb (1) file in the temporary folder. In this case, we stored the file in the TEMPORARY-LIBRARY-FILES folder (2).

Start Handy Library. On the Add Items tab, click Add Library Items (1). In the LIBRARY_NEW table, click Add Library Items from DB (2).

In the Append Record from Another DB window, select the database with new items (1). Click on the Append from Table box and select LIBRARY_NEW (2). Review the number of records.

The program preselects the Destination Database File box and the Destination Table (3).

Click Append, review messages, and click Close.

Review new items.

If something went wrong, you could use the Delete Displayed Items command.

To move new items to the main catalog, on the Move Items tab, select options (1) and click Move Items (2).


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