Handy Library Manager
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How to check out (barcode scanner or type in barcode number)?

  • Scan or enter borrower barcode number into the Enter, scan barcode box.
  • The borrower is selected automatically or after Enter key is pressed.
  • Scan or enter an item number into the Enter, scan, barcode box.
  • The item is selected automatically or after Enter key is pressed.
  • Click Check Out to finalize the check out transaction.

  • What happens after the item is checked out?

    1. The checked out item is added to the Active Loans table.
    2. The selected item changes the Status to Checked Out and decreases the Copies Available number by one.
    3. The borrower's Loans number increases by one.
    4. You can scan or enter another barcode number to process the next loan transaction.
    5. You can click Print Receipt to print a receipt.

    What happens after the item is checked in?

    1. The checked in item changes the Status value to Checked In, increases the Copies Available number by 1, and displays the Return Date.
    2. The checked in item is removed from the Active Loans tab.
    3. The borrower's Loans number decreases by 1.

    Question: I am wondering if it is possible to print labels for multi-volume items at one time, rather than individually. This would be, for instance, a set of books which have the same title but different volume numbers. How to print labels for multivolume items.

    I want to be able to easily print labels for multivolume sets. If there were a ready-made template that you could provide, it would be very useful. Also, I would appreciate a more specific set of instructions on how to create a filter properly for the uninitiated.

    Is it possible to view an already functioning online catalogue to see how the system handles multi-volume publications and magazines?

    Answer: How to design spine label for multiple volume items.

    Question: I downloaded your free trial yesterday and I am trying it out to see if it will work for our small school. I found where you can turn on the button for auto processing but I was wondering if there is a way to keep the auto processing turned on?

    Auto processing will be on all the time if you do not try to process transaction manually (if you decide to select item or borrower from the list, if you try to modify return date, or in some other situation the auto processing turns off to let you finish the check out transaction).

    Question: Can you use the isbn to check out books instead of using the number generated by the system? I'm trying to avoid having to relabel all library materials. If there is, please inform.

    We do not suggest using the book's ISBN value in the BARCODE data field. If the library has multiple copies of the same book, then there are duplicate ISBN values. The barcode number has to be unique for every item in the library.

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