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How to set your barcode scanning mode? Common barcode scanning-entry problems.

  1. I am typing item id code into the barcode box and I receive barcode not found message. The code is correct. Why it happens?
  2. I am scanning the barcode label with the valid barcode on it and I receive barcode not found error message, why?
  3. How to check barcode scanning mode?

The barcode not found message is displayed when system is trying to process the number that does not exist in the BARCODE data field (library or borrowers). It could happen in the following situations:

  • wrong barcode entry mode selected
  • typing error
  • scanner generates new line character
  • barcode does not exist in the database

1. Error message when you enter barcode manually.

circulations, entering barcode numbers, entry modes

Check barcode number value, length.

Verify the first line in the error message.

In this information window the number is 234.

This is the number or part of the number that was entered and the Circulation window is trying to process.

When the number is short it means that there was not enough time to enter the number, probably the Check In / Check Out window is in the Timer mode.

Change Barcode Scanning Mode.

There are two barcode scanning modes. Open Options window and click the Check In/Out tab.

The program is installed with the Timer (auto scanning mode) option ON. It means that after small time interval the program takes the value from the Barcode box and tries to process it.

If you enter the code manually there will not be enough time to enter the whole number. For manual entry change Barcode Scanning Mode setting to Enter key.

barcode typing error, barcode not in the library catalog

Your Barcode Entry Mode is set to ENTER key.

You have the same error message. Why?

Verify the number in the message. There could be typing error. In this case try to enter the number again.

Verify the number in the message. The number you entered is the same as on the item barcode label. It looks like your number on the label is not the same as the item's barcode number in the database. Review part 3.

2. Error message when you use BARCODE SCANNER.

Open Windows Notepad. Scan the barcode and check:

  1. Is the number the same as on the barcode label and in the item's BARCODE data field?
  2. Check where the cursor is blinking (after the number or at the beginning of the next line).

Barcode Not Found message is displayed if the setting of your barcode scanner does not match the barcode scanning mode of the program.

The cursor is blinking at the beginning of the new line. The barcode scanner adds Carriage Return/Enter Key.
a) Set Enter key option in the program.
b) Set Timer option in the program and reset your barcode scanner so it does not add the Carriage Return. Check the barcode manual how to do that.

Open Windows Notepad. Scan the barcode and check where the cursor is blinking.

Barcode Not Found message is displayed if the setting of your barcode scanner does not match the barcode scanning mode of the program.

The cursor is blinking after the code (in the same line). It means the barcode scanner does not generate Carriage Return / Enter Key.

The Timer option should be selected.

3. How to verify if I am entering (processing) the right number.

Maybe you are trying to process check in or check out transaction for the item with the barcode number that does not exist in the library catalog.

How to search library inventory using barcode number (scanned from the label or entered manually)?

  1. Set Display Each Copy.
  2. Select BARCODE in the Field to Search box.
  3. Enter item barcode into the Text to Find box.
  4. Click Search.

The search does not list any results.

The database does not have any item with this barcode number.

Try to search the catalog by title, author, or ISBN data field. Verify the content of the BARCODE data field.

In the Item Edit window click Copy Info-Main tab.

The number that you enter or scan from the barcode label should be the same as the number in the BARCODE box.

The barcode scan is entering the letter in lower case. I can manually enter the barcode but the scanner enters the barcode with the letter in lower case so it doesn't scan. Instead of L00100 it shows l00100

User Answer:
Figured out the problem with the barcode scan. Had the Caps lock on.

Question: We have Windows 7 Enterprise installed and we are able to see items listed in the library with barcodes, but when we scan them with a scan gun we receive the error that the item does not exist in either the library or borrowers. We are unable to scan items with printed barcodes. If there is a tutorial or some troubleshooting steps to follow (other than having to manually search for items and barcode numbers), it would be very helpful.

Question: We scanned the code to enter the book in the library. The response was as follows: "Probably, you are entering barcode numbers manually, try to change your barcode scanning mode in options." Options doesn't help us.

Answer: Open the main library table. Use the search by barcode data field, and check if the item with this barcode is in the table.

Question: The books in our library already have 14 digit barcodes on them. When I put a book in the system using those and hit the verify barcode, it says "Barcode can be used" however it always gives me an error message when I try to check the book out with the scanner.
When I go to the Barcode options tab it shows that the length options only go up to 10. Is that the problem?
I hate the thought of re-barcoding every book in the collection.

Answer: Our system accepts barcodes with 14 or more digits. In your case, the problem is linked to the barcode scanner setting and the barcode scanning mode (Handy Library). They have to match. Scan the barcode into the Notepad application. Set the Enter key if the cursor blinks in the new line. Set the Timer if the cursor blinks after the number's last digit.

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