Handy Library Manager
 for Windows

Sounds, library warning, confirmation sounds.

Handy Library Manager is using 3 sound files: error.wav, ok.wav, and process.wav. Sound files are stored in the main library software folder (C:/handy_lib/)

You can change sounds, just use the same file names and store them in the library main folder.

  • ok.wav: the sound is used when item/borrower is selected;
  • process.wav: the sound is generated after the circulation transactions is processed (check in or check out);
  • error.wav: the sound is used when warnings are displayed: there are overdue items, there are overdue fines, there is exception to the circulation rule (loan limit reached, patron type loan restriction, item type loan restriction);

Is there a way to change the sounds from different functions? I find that in my library the easiest way to check the shelves for books that did not get checked in properly is to attempt to check them in again, but the error sound for "checked out" and "not in system" is the same, so I have to look at my screen each time to make sure I'm not scanning books that aren't in the system yet. I'd like the "not found in system" sound to be something different, if possible.

You can define new sounds and save them in the software main folder. They will replace the old ones. (ok.wav, process.wav, error.wav)

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