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How to update Handy Library Web Search Scripts

Our automated cataloging system uses web search engines to retrieve book data. Users with up-to-date support are allowed to use this feature. If the web search engine changes, we must modify script files included with the software. Once in a while, we add new scripts.

Version 1.8 (21/01/2022)

The latest version includes modified scripts for Amazon web pages. There are new scripts: ISBN-Book/Amazon-Web, ASIN-Book/Amazon-ASIN, ASIN-DVD/Amazon-ASIN-DVD.

With up-to-date support, you can use new scripts in Handy Library Manager version 2.9, 3.x.

how to upgrade handy library web search scripts

Open Updates

On the Upgrade/Register (1) tab click Check for Updates (2). It will close the library administrator main program and start the update application. If you set automated backups please wait until the backup completes.

how to upgrade handy library web search scripts, check version numbers

Check script version

In the Update window select the Search Script Update (1) option and click the Check For Update (2) button. Verify the script version numbers. If there is a new version and you would like to update click Next (3).

Download update

Click Download Update to update.


Verify update messages and click Exit. Start Handy Library Manager and test the new search.

Version History:

Version 1.7, July, 2020: includes modified script for Library or Congress, modified script for Amazon.

Version 1.5, April, 2019: includes 3 new search scripts: search book information in GoogleBooks (ISBN), WorldCat (ISBN), WorldCat (OCLC); plus new search options.

Version 1.4, March, 2019: includes new openlibrary search (auto cataloging by ISBN).

Question: We are having trouble importing data from the Library of Congress - we find the LCCN identification in the LCC database, but when it pulls into the Prima Soft system, the information (title, author, etc.) does not import - that is, none of the identification fields are populated. This is a change from what we were getting previously. I've tried updating the software, and get a message that we are current. Is there something we must adjust or change? What should we do now?

Answer: We provide the web search to users who purchased our yearly support. The web search and auto-cataloging features use third-party book search engines and catalogs that change constantly. Therefore, users should verify if they have the latest version of the search scripts.

Question: I have a problem using the Library of Congress catalogue system when trying to input the LCC catalogue number it dose not want to read the item search. I am just wanting to ask how to use the system.

Answer: Please verify the search version number. Maybe you should update your scripts. You can also send sample LCC numbers to us, and we will test the search.

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