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How to update Handy Library Web Search Scripts

Version 1.7

Our automated cataloging system uses web search engines to retrieve item data. Users with up to date support are allowed to use this feature. If the web search engine changes we have to modify script files included with the software. Once in a while we are adding new scripts.

The latest version includes modified script for Library or Congress, modified script for Amazon.
Note: New scripts are only supported by Handy Library Manager version 2.9, 3.x and up to date support.

how to upgrade handy library web search scripts

Open Updates

On the Upgrade/Register (1) tab click Check for Updates (2). It will close the library administrator main program and start the update application. If you set automated backups please wait until the backup completes.

how to upgrade handy library web search scripts, check version numbers

Check script version

In the Update window select the Search Script Update (1) option and click the Check For Update (2) button. Verify the script version numbers. If there is a new version and you would like to update click Next (3).

Download update

Click Download Update to update.


Verify update messages and click Exit. Start Handy Library Manager and test the new search.

Version History:
Version 1.5, April, 2019: includes 3 new search scripts: GoogleBooks (ISBN), WorldCat (ISBN), WorldCat (OCLC); plus new search options.

Version 1.4, March, 2019: includes new openlibrary search.

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