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How to import data from excel using copy/paste commands?

  • How to import data from Excel table directly into Handy Library Manager using Copy/Paste commands?

This topic explains how quickly you can transfer your data from your spreadsheet into our library application using copy/paste procedure.

The same technique you can use when you move your borrowers data.

If you want the program to generate unique barcode numbers, do not import barcode values into the program's BARCODE field. This applies to library items as well as library patrons.

We can review, clean, or transfer your data.

Open your library data in Excel.

At the top of your excel table add one row and enter data field names that are used in our program. Field names define data mapping.

Check data field names that you can use.

In this case the following names were entered into the corresponding columns: TITLE, AUTHOR, TYPE, PUBLISHER, PLACE, PUBLISHED, CATEGORY, LEVEL, FORMAT, PAGES, CALL, ISBN.

Use Ctrl-A shortcut to select the data area of your table (the cursor should be placed in any area of your table).

Click with the right mouse button on the selected table to open a popup menu, click Copy.

Open Windows Notepad software. Click with the right mouse button to open popup menu and click Paste.

Your table in the text form (text file tab delimited) is displayed in the Notepad.

On the File menu click Save.

Select a folder, enter a name for your library text file, and save the file.

Open Handy Library Manager, click Add Library Items.

On the Add Items tab click Add Items From Text File.

  • Click Select.
  • Select the text file that you created.
  • Content of the selected file is displayed in the Text File Contents box. Review it.
  • Click Next.

  • Under Fields Separated By select TABs (1).
  • Under Fields Delimited By select Nothing (2).
  • In the Import Fields section check First Line Contains Field Names (3).

  • Click Preview On Screen, verify 3 imported records.
  • Click Next.

Click Start Import.

Verify the number of imported records. Click Close.

New items are added into the LIBRARY_NEW table.

Review data, add missing information, and move to your LIBRARY main catalog..

I would be importing data from excel. How does that work? Can I send the file to you to process our library data import? We are not computer savvy.

Answer: Please send your file to us; we will try to transfer your data. You can try to review instructions listed above, and maybe you can process your export.

Does your library application allow user to import from an Excel document? Our previous ILS company will send us our library catalog as an Excel file so I need to know if we can import it or not.

Answer: Yes, you can import your library data into Handy Library using excel spreadsheet file. If there is any problem with the import you can contact us, we provide free support with the data transfer issues.

How to import my library catalog that is a text delimited file? I have downloaded and installed your program. I have our catalog information in a tab delimited text file. I have not been able to determine where to start to be able to import my file.

Answer: Please follow instructions included in this help topic.

I am trying to export records from small library organizer and import them to the handy library manager.

Answer: Please contact us, we offer free support with library data transfer.

Can the excel file containing book information be imported? How easy is it to rename some of the columns? I would like; a building location, year published and language. Don't need all that are there now.

Does PrimaSoft help with importing records from one library system into the Handy Library Manager system? If the library already has a software program, then can the records from the current system be exported into the Handy Library Manager system? Will PrimaSoft provide help with the transfer of records?

Answer: Please contact us, we offer free support with library data transfer.

Currently, we have our library database for a new school simply on a Excel spreadsheet. Would we be able to import that information to your school library package without having to re-type all the fields?

Answer: Please review the instructions how on this topic, and you can try to import your data. You can also send your data to us, and we can process the data transfer. It takes us less than one business day to process the library data from the excel or spreadsheet file.

Question: I am interested in purchasing Handy Library Manager 3.6 for a small church library. I have the title, author and classification entries for each book on an Excel Spread sheet. My question is will I be able to import these fields for each book without the other fields (i.e.. publisher, place of publication, date of publication, MARC record)? If so, do I list all the headings on the Excel sheet in order, according to your directions to include the information I do not have or do I list Title, Author and Classification headings to import the library holdings?

Answer: You do not need all the headings that our software is using. In your spreadsheet file, insert one row on the top of your listings, and enter the following: TITLE, AUTHOR, CALL. The first row will define the mapping. Use Ctrl-A to select the content, copy/paste it to a text file, save the file, and import it to our system. You can also send your file to us, and we will review it and try to transfer your data.

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