Handy Library Manager  for Windows

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Free import service, common errors.

You are not sure how to import your data?

Let us know. We will try to process your library data or will send you additional instructions. Send us your data in excel, text, or marc file. We will check if there are any inconsistencies:
  • some libraries use ISBN values as barcode numbers
  • date values are in the wrong format
  • numerical fields are in the wrong format
  • patron names are split into two, three columns
  • duplicate barcode values
  • ...

library data, date format
  • date value in the wrong format
  • it will be saved as "Sep 27"
  • it will import to our system in the wrong form that will cause error
  • date should be in the windows short form (YYYY/MM/DD, or other variations )

library data, number format
  • number in the wrong format
  • it will be saved as "9.78123E+11"
  • it will import to our system
  • wrong value will be imported to our system

library data, concatenate data
  • Your spreadsheet data file has patron name in two columns: first name and last name.
  • We can add column that will automatically process your data and create column with the following value: "last name, first name".
  • We can concatenate two or more columns in the excel spreadsheet and create data values accepted by handy library software.

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