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How to catalog library items from MARC files?

MARC (MAchine-Readable Cataloguing) format is a data format that is used by library applications or for the transfer of data among libraries.

If you open a MARC file it will be hard for anybody to read it. Handy Library does not add data from MARC files that are in the machine-readable form.

The MARC file should be converted to a human readable mnemonic form. From this file you can transfer data to our Handy Library Manager.

  • We offer free services for libraries that evaluate our program.
  • We can convert your Marc file(s) to human readable mnemonic form.
  • We can convert your Marc file(s) and transfer data to our library system.

Library of Congress lists free Marc utilities. We are using Marc Edit utility by Terry Reese.

marc file in the text form, human readable, mnemonic

Important: one MARC field should be listed in one line.

  1. Sample of the marc file in the human readable form.
  2. If you have a marc file in another form send it to us, we will convert it for you.
  3. Open your marc text file in Windows Notepad. Review the content. Does it look the same? You can easily import the file into our program.
  4. You don't know how to create a file like this? Send your original library.mrc file to us. We will convert the file for you. Additionally, we can process import to our system. This service is free and usually the next business day your library is ready to use. You can review and test your library in less than 24 hours.
    The free library data import to our system includes files in spreadsheet form.

  1. On the Add Items/Patrons tab, in the Library Administrator window, click Add Library Items.

  1. On the Add Items tab click Add Items From MARC File.

  1. In the Select Source File box select your MARC file (mnemonic form, text form).
  2. Click Process File.
  3. Review messages on the status line.
  4. Click on the item in the Found Items table and review details.
  5. Click Add Checked Items to add all found items into the LIBRARY_NEW table.
  6. Click Close to return to the Library_New table.

  1. How the information is imported into the Library_New items table is defined in the Data Field Mapping box.

  1. If there are some problems with imported marc records click Delete All Items.

  1. Records that are ready for circulations move to main library catalogue.

Question: I am currently trying to import MARC files into our new Handy Library Manager program. The MARC files when opened in Notepad are not one item per line. I read on your site that you could convert this file for us, so that we can import it? Who would I send this to for converting?

Answer: You can send the MARC file to us, we will convert the file to the text mnemonic form (human readable form).

Question: We have a MARC export from Follett library that we used to use. Can you help convert it into a format that we can import into Handy Library Manager? We just downloaded the free trial and would like to see if it will work for small church library.

Answer: We already processed hundreds of data conversions (marc files to handy); the service is free; You can send your library marc file to us as an attachment to your email.

Question: Is there a way to export my Marc records? I am trying to upload the Marc records into an online testing program students use so they can see if the book they are testing on is in the library.

Answer: We do not want to support the MARC format for data entry. It would complicate the data entry and the application. The MARC format is very complex, only library personnel with a degree in the library field know how to follow the complicated rules, and this is why many of our new customers decided to switch to our library system. We provide free transfer of data from MARC files to our software.

Question: What is MARC?

Answer: It is a shortcut that stands for MAchine-Readable Cataloging. Henriette Avram developed the standard in 1960, and the primary purpose was: library records could be read by computers, and large libraries could easily share library records. More information you can find at the Library of Congress.

In the standard name, there is the word "Machine". So the question is: Who can understand the standard? The answer is simple: The computer programmed to do that or a trained librarian who has spent many months or years taking courses in the library management field.

Question: Do your support the MARC format in Handy Library Manager?

Answer: No, the Handy Library Manager does not support this format. It would complicate the software for all our Handy Library Manager users who don't need this.

Question: Is there a translation of the Handy library Manager's database field names to the MARC Records numbers?

Answer: We support import from the MARC data file, and when importing data from the MARC mnemonic form, we use the following data mapping:

MARC FIELD Handy Library Manager data field
020 International Standard Book Number ISBN
050 Library of Congress Call Number LCCN
082 Dewey Decimal Classification Number DEWEY
100 Main Entry-Personal Name AUTHOR
245 Title Statement TITLE
250 Edition Statement EDITION
260 Publication, Distribution PUBLISHER
260 Publication, Distribution PLACE
260 Publication, Distribution PUBLISHED
300 Physical Description PHYSICAL
300 Physical Description PAGES
400 Series Statements SERIES
440 Volume Statements VOLUME
500 General Note NOTES
521 Target Audience Note LEVEL
700 Added Entry-Personal Name COAUTHORS

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