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How to export library data to a spreadsheet program?

You can export your library data to a text file. You can export all records or only those selected by a search or advanced search.

The text file will list all exported records in the following way:

  • each record without memo fields (multiline edit boxes) will be listed in one line
  • data fields will be delimited by commas, quotes or another user defined character
  • memo fields will be delimited by user defined character (if you are trying to move data to another database application, check if the application supports complex import). We do not suggest exporting memo fields.

How to find Export?

  • The Export function can be accessed from the Miscellaneous tab.

  • When in the Export window select Export to Text File.

  • Select field from the All Fields box, and use the green button with one green arrow to add the selected field to fields included in export.
  • Click Next to define delimiters and other export settings.

  • We suggest using TAB as a field separator.

  • Enter or select the export destination file in the Export To File box. Click OK to continue.
  • The program saves the file in the following folder: C:/handy_lib/data/db/expimp/

  • Open the file in the Notepad.
  • Review content.
  • Click Edit/Select All.

  • Click Edit/Copy.
  • Start Excel.

Method 1, use Copy/Paste:

  • Use Paste command. (Optionally you can click with the right mouse button on the table and select Paste command from the popup menu)
  • Data from the Handy Library is displayed in the table.

Method 2, use Open:

  • You can open a text file that you created in our library system. Use Open command in Excel. Select Text Files from the Open window. Locate and double click on the text file that you want to open.

Result: library data in the spreadsheed application.

Is it possible to export the database of books to an excel file? If so, how?

We would like to export reports to either excel or pdf. Please advise how we can do this.

Can you export library/borrower records to an excel or comma delimited file?

Review the above guide, or read how to print library report to pdf file.

I want to export to excel because my manager wants to know how many books are on loan at the moment and it's better to indicate the book titles and who borrowed them. Is there a way to export a report that indicates the total numbers of current on loans?

Recently downloaded the Handy Library Manger software, could you send me information on how to export reports into excel and how to setup of a handheld scanner please.

You can access the Export function from the Miscellaneous tab.

Question: is there a way to export the contents of a database table to excel? we are trying to inventory everything and need to create a report of what we have grouped by call numbers.

we can use a built in report but the print format wastes a lot of white space on the pages, it would be easier for us to work off a spreadsheet.

Answer: If the print reports window does not support all layout requirement, you can export data to a tab-delimited text file. This file you can open in any spreadsheet application.

Question: How do I export a report to Excel?

Answer: You can not export a report to a spreadsheet. However, you can use the export feature, and there you can select the fields that will be listed in the excel file.

Question: I am trying to save search results to a usb drive in a format that I can import into a database (.csv, for example). So far I have been unable to do so.

Answer: Define the search to limit the number of displayed items. Use Export Displayed Items to export the data to the tab-delimited text file.

Question: I am the Media Specialist at Wayne Christian Academy, and I need to export our library records because we are having them evaluated for a collection analysis. I cannot see an option to do this through the Handy Library portal. Can you help me with this please?

Answer: You can export your library data to a text-formatted file. You can open this file in any spreadsheet application.

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