Handy Library Manager
 for Windows

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How to move data from other library systems into Handy Library?

If your yearly payments for your library system are high you can easily switch to our program. There is only one time payment for our library system. The regular version supports all library features. Additionally, without any extra costs, it provides desktop search (OPAC), web search (web OPAC), simple self check in-out module, there is no limit on the number of items or borrowers you can manage. It costs only $345.00.

Review help file of the program you are using, find information how to export your data to Text file (any separator/delimiter), CSV file (comma separated file in text form), MARC file, XML file, or other files.

Free Service: You can send your file to us for a review. We will review and reply with suggestions or we can process your file. If we process your file you will receive a backup file that you can easily restore into our system.

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