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What you need to know about some data fields in the BORROWERS table.

NAME: This field cannot be left empty. In order to save the record you need to enter borrower's name. With only name entered the program will support all library functions: check in, check out, barcodes.

DATE_ADDED: When you create a new library member record, our application creates automatically DATE_ADDED value. It is equal to the entry date. Use this field when defining the library search or filter in the following situations: print patron cards for new library members, print new member list report, sort library member records by entry date.

BOR_IDNO: With every new record the software creates unique record identification numbers. BOR_IDNO for the new record will increase by 1. You can sort borrowers by BOR_IDNO, it will be the record creation order. If the program assings the borrower barcode numbers, it uses BOR_IDNO. Use this field when defining the search or filter in the following situations: print new borrower ID cards, sort borrowers by the entry order.

BARCODE: The program is using this field in the check in check out window. When the barcode is scanned from the member card (or entered manually) our library system is comparing this value with values stored in the BARCODE data field. When there is a match, the borrower is selected and borrower data is displayed in the check in / check out window. You can enter BARCODE numbers in two ways: you can enter your existing numbers (manually, scanning from the label, or importing), or you can leave this field empty and our system will create numbers for you. The BARCODE data field is used in many predefined label templates (borrower ID cards).

EXPIRY_DATE: If members of your library are allowed to use library services for the defined period of time use this field to define the expiry date. When member is trying to check out library item and the RETURN_DATE is before the EXPRIRY_DATE the program will display warning window for the librarian. If you do not need to use expiry dates leave this box empty. Learn more about member expiry date.

PRINT: Borrower Add/Edit windows offer Print marker check boxes. If you modify some records randomly and later you would like to process only this group of records use PRINT marker. The program will let you easily select and process records with PRINT = Y. Print Marker

SUSPENDED: If there is any issue with a library member, and you do not want the borrower to loan any item, you can suspend the borrower, until all problems are resolved. Learn more about How to suspend borrower?.

TYPE: Use this field to set the borrower type (example: Student, Teacher, Junior, Child, Adult, Senior ...). We suggest to use the value of this field when setting check out rules (define check out limits by borrower type, define loan period by borrower type).

EMAIL: You can send emails from our program. You can only send email messages to borrowers with valid email addresses. You can send various email notices like: over due items, outstanding items, reservations. You can send emails from the Manage Loans window (send overdue or outstanding messages) or from the Borrowers windows (send library newsletters to all library patrons). To enter multiple emails into EMAIL use semicolon as separator (;).

CUSTOM1-CUSTOM9: User decides how to implement those fields in the library. For example you can enter student class, teacher name, office department ...

how to set barcode format

If you do not enter barcode values our program will take care of them. You can set borrower barcode number format (prefix, length) in the Options window.

borrower id number, barcode, date added

You can include BOR_IDNO, DATE_ADDED, and BARCODE on the grid.
1 - borrower records are sorted by BOR_IDNO data field
2 - BOR_IDNO value is used in the BARCODE (BOR_IDON=234, BARCODE=B00234)
3 - application automatically creates DATE_ADDED value

library member print data field

You can easily access Set and Clear PRINT marker commands.

library member print and suspended flags

You can easily access Set/Clear PRINT and SUSPENDED markers in the Add/Edit Borrower window.

how to use PRINT marker in search filter

Easily define search with PRINT; only records with PRINT = Y are listed and ready for processing.

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