Handy Library Manager
 for Windows

Help, how to topics > Library Users > New users table.

New patrons/borrowers table.

  1. Click Add Items/Borrowers tab.
  2. Click Add Borrowers.
  3. Borrowers_New table: enter new borrowers into this database. Move new borrower records to main database when all information is entered.
  4. Only Borrowers_New table allows you to import your data from text, spreadsheet files.

  1. Click Search tab.
  2. You can quickly display records with missing information and finalize data entry.

  1. Click Add Borrowers.
  2. Click Add Borrowers From Text File.
  3. You can import your data from text files.

  1. On the top of your excel or other spreadsheet table add one row and enter data field names that are used by Handy Library Manager. The row with field names will simplify the importing procedure. You will not have to define the import mapping.
  2. In this case the following names were entered into the corresponding columns: NAME, BARCODE, TYPE, ADDRESS1, ADDRESS2, CITY, STATE, ZIP, PHONE, EMAIL
  3. Click Save & Close or Save & Next.
  4. Save your excel table as a text tab delimited file.

  1. When all data is entered and reviewed move it to the main borrower database.
  2. Click Move Borrowers tab.
  3. Click Move Borrowers.

If you want the program to generate unique barcode numbers for you, do not enter barcode values into the barcode field.

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