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How to delete borrower from the system?

You cannot delete or move a borrower record if the borrower has outstanding (not returned) items. Process check in transactions.

If you move or delete borrower record all borrower's loan transactions will be deleted.

remove delete patron, decide about loans

Decide what you want to do with old loan transactions. When borrower is removed from BORROWERS table all borrower's loan transactions will be deleted.

You can move selected loan transactions to OLD_LOANS.

move selected loan transaction to old loans table

How to move loan transactions to OLD_LOANS?

  • Open LOANS table.
  • Define search, use borrower's barcode number or name to display selected loan transactions.
  • On the Move Loans tab click Move All Loans or Move Loan.

delete permanently or move to old borrowers table

How to delete or move borrowers?

  • Open BORROWERS table.
  • Click Delete to delete the record, or select Move Borrower and click Execute to move the record to OLD BORROWERS table.

remove, delete confirm message
  • Review the message. Click OK to continue.

old borrowers table


Moved records are listed in BORROWERS_OLD table.

You can move back all or selected borrowers to BORROWERS table. Old borrower's check in-out transactions will not be reactivated in LOAN table.

Question: How do I delete borrowers? The Eighth grade graduated in June 2017 and I want to remove their names as well as some other children who have transferred to other schools. I will do this later in the school year.

Answer: Define advanced search to display only Eighth grade students. Click Miscellaneous, and click Delete All Borrowers. The system will delete only displayed borrowers. Before executing Delete All create a backup of your library databases.

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