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Library new items table.

Use LIBRARY_NEW database to catalog new items. Move your new items to the LIBRARY main catalog when they are ready for circulation.

  1. Click Add Items/Borrowers tab.
  2. Click Add Library Items.
  3. Library_New table: enter new items into this database. Move new records to main library database when all information is entered and items are ready for circulation.
  4. Only Library_New table allows you to import your data from text files, marc files, or procsess auto-cataloging by several ISBN numbers.

  1. Click Search tab.
  2. You can quickly select new items, and finalize data entry.

  1. Click Advanced Search tab.
  2. Define advanced search queries to display similar group of records.

The move procedure allows you to move one seelected item or all displayed items. You can also move a group of items. To select the group of records use Advanced or Simple Search.

  1. Click Add Items tab.
  2. Add new items: auto-catalog using ISBN numbers, import data from text files, import book data from marc files.

  1. Click Move Items tab.
  2. All information is entered and items are ready for circulation. Move new items to the Main catalogue.

Move Items function.
It compares Title and ISBN numbers. If both are the same a new copy will be created (if Add Another Copy option is selected).
If ISBN number is missing the new item will be created.
There is also a new option called Add New Item. If it is selected a new item and 1 copy will be created for every item moved.

  1. Click Miscellaneous tab.
  2. Click Set to set print marker for displayed items.
  3. Click Clear to clear print marker for displayed items.
  4. Click Delete All Items to delete all displayed items.

Question: I'm entering new books over several days. I'm not sure I understand the New Table moving to Database concept. Why do they get held in the new table section and then get moved in batches? Should I be moving them after every 20 books or so or just once a day or once a week? Not sure how to use this.

Answer: If you enter a small number of items, you can create them in the library main catalog. One item you can easily review, edit, or delete.

Use Add Library Items:
- Many items are added in one session (import from spreadsheet, import from MARC, auto-cataloging from ISBN list).
- Volunteers are adding items, and library administrator wants to review new entries.
- Test auto-cataloging feature, before using it in the main library catalog.

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