Handy Library Manager
 for Windows

Help, how to topics > Library items > Lost items table.

Old, lost items table.

  1. Select the lost item in the main inventory database.
  2. Click Lost.

  1. Click Edit/View Table tab.
  2. Click Library - Lost Items.

  1. Lost items table.
  2. Check number of lost items.
  3. Print cost summary reports for lost items.

Question: Can you please tell me if it is possible to make an item that has been lost not lost anymore? I cannot find how to do that. Please also give me directions on how to make it not lost if possible.

Answer: Click Miscellaneous and move item to the main library catalogue. The item is added as a new item with new barcode and new record id. Scan the barcode label into the BARCODE data field or print a new barcode label.

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