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How to execute barcode search, how to print one label?

library barcode search
  1. Click Display Each Copy to display all copies in the grid (all copies are listed in the data grid, all new options are activated in the search, predefined copy labels are accessible).
  2. In the Field to Search select BARCODE.
  3. Type in the barcode number or use a barcode scanner and scan the number from the label.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Item with the barcode number is displayed.
  6. Click Edit to modify data.

library predefined labels
  1. In the Labels box select predefined label report.

print labels, set starting position, set number of copies
  1. enter 3 in the Copies box (we want to print 3 copies of the same label)
  2. enter 4 in the Print From Label box (we want to start printing from the 4th label)
  3. click Quick Preview or Preview Labels to review changes
  4. click Print Labels to start printing

Question: I was trying to reprint labels for some of our books that are damage or lost lables. Right now what im doing is one at a time since they are all different barcode #. is there away I can enter all the barcode number at once and have it print on one sheet or do i have to do one by one. I tried looking on your website but only shows for recent or new books entered that day.

Answer: Use PRINT_C to mark items, define the advanced search to display and print labels for the selected items.

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