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What is Structured Query Language (SQL), how to define SQL statements?

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a standard programming language for relational database management systems (like our library database system). SQL statements allow you to retrieve data from a database.

In our Advance Search, you can easily and quickly build search queries. To do that, you don't have to know SQL language.

  • Click Advanced Search (1)
  • Define search condition (2): select data field, select condition, and enter condition value.
  • Click Include
  • The search condition is inserted into the Search Condition box.
  • Repeat above steps to define another condition.
  • Click Search to execute query.
  • Click Save to save the search condition for future use.

Our library Advanced Search provides interface that allows you to define simple search condition. In the case of complex search definitions it will be easier to enter the search condition directly into the Search Condition box. Below we list some library search samples with SQL functions and ready to use statements. If you have questions how to define other library useful searches/queries please contact us.

CURRENT_DATE returns the current date value, use this function with other library database date fields.

Compare item DATE_ADDED value with the CURRENT_DATE to display library items that were added today, yesterday, or in the last week or month.

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