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How to delete or remove library lost, missing, old, or damaged items from the main catalog?

Things to know before you decide to delete or move library items: review notes.

cannot remove, 
delete items with loans

You cannot delete or move items that are checked out.

Process check in transactions for all items that you want to delete or move.

delete old or lost library items, decide what to do with old 

Decide what you want to do with old loan transactions. When item is removed from the main library catalog all item's old loan transactions will be deleted.

move items, open Loans, define

How to move old loans?

  • You can move item's loan transactions to OLD_LOANS.
  • Open LOANS table.
  • Search all loans by item's bar code number to display item's loan transaction.

delete old or lost library items, move loan transactions
  • On the Move Loans tab click Move Loan or Move All Loans.

delete old or lost library items

How to delete/move library items?

  • Open Library main catalog.
  • Click Delete to delete the record, or click Move to move the record to LIBRARY_LOST table.
  • Important
    - Delete (1) will delete main item with all copies.
    - Delete (2) will delete selected copy, if there is only one copy the whole record will be deleted, if there are several copies then only selected copy will be deleted.
    - Move (3) will move selected copy, if there is only one copy the whole record will be moved, if there are several copies then only selected copy will be moved.

delete library items, review items in lost table

Open LIBRARY_LOST table.

Moved records are listed in LIBRARY_LOST table.

You can move back all or selected items to LIBRARY table.

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How do I remove lost or no longer wanted after inventory? I want to do and inventory and remove lost or no longer needed books from our library and data base. What is the easiest way to do this. Please review above topic. Please review above topic. We have created a step by step guide on how to process library inventory/audit.

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On the Miscellaneous tab you can find Delete All. It will delete all displayed (selected) library records. You can also use Empty Library feature.

Related Question: I would like to delete the test entries (so they don't show up on my lists and I don't print labels for them), but it won't let me delete them because they have circulation history. I tried to figure out how to delete the circulation history, but was not able to. Can you suggest what I should do?

Process check in transaction in the check in/out window or in the manage loans window. Delete the test entries.

Related Question: Delete a book that is no longer in the library. How do you delete a book that we are discarding, that has a history of being borrowed? How do you remove a borrower who is no longer with the library but has taken out several books in the past?

Process check in transaction for the autstanding loan transaction in the Manage Loans. Remove the item from the library catalogue. Related topic: How to remove a borrower?

Question: How to delete more than one book at a time, say, 40.

Answer: Use a print marker to flag records. Next, use a filter (advanced search) to display records with the print marker set ON. Finally, use the Delete feature to delete all currently displayed records.

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