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Backup library database.

It is recommended that you back up your data on a regular basis e.g. once a week or once a month.

You should especially do a backup after entering new records, adding new report or label definitions, changing application options, moving library database and application settings to a new computer.

When you use Backup function all essential data files for the currently selected database are compressed and stored in a selected backup folder.

If you have more than one library database you have to Load each database and then back it up.

run library backup procedure

On the Backup tab click Backup Database.

Backup Database: creates a backup file of the library data (fdb file).
Backup Folder: creates a backup file of the library setup files (zip file).

Library data file is in the c:/handy_lib/db folder.
Library setup files are in the c:/handy_lib/data/db folder. Setup files include predefined reports, labels, sort definitions, grid definitions, window size, drop-down values, images, home page, and more.

Backup application is executed. This Window opens and closes automatically.

The backup log window opens automatically. Click Close to finish.

You can review if two backup files are created in the backup folder (C:/handy_lib/backup/):
db_20171205.fdb (library data files)
db_20171205.zip (library setup files)

Additionally you can copy or move your library backup files to an external hard drive (hard disk, DVD, CD, or USB memory card).

Move Handy Library to a new computer.

To move handy library databases and all setup files to a new computer:

  • Run Backup Database + Data Folder on an old computer.
  • Move two files to the corresponding backup folder on a new computer.
  • Run Restore Database and Restore Data Folder.

I have the auto backup setup for when I close the software. However, it is very cumbersome to get the backup file actually backed up off the laptop. Is there an easy way to backup my library database to a USB drive?

Answer: You can change the backup folder in the Options window.

I have a question regarding backup then transferring information to a second computer. First I backup the library data base but then I cannot find it on C drive with the current backup date. I would then like to copy the backup on to an external hard drive ready to restore on our second computer. Can you please direct me to the help file for this question?

Answer: Review this topic and then how to restore library backup file.

Hi I am just wondering, if I purchase a new Laptop for the Library, (or my current Laptop fails) how can I put my Handy Library software on a new device? Is there a way I can back-up my information on to a separate USB or hard drive in case of computer failure?

Could the Handy Library Manager software be moved from computer to computer if need be?

Answer: Review this topic how to create a backup file then review how to restore library backup file.
It is a very good idea to keep your backup file at two different storage media. You can move the library backup file to your flash drive (USB).

My old PC is no longer running well enough and I am purchasing an updated unit running Windows 10, what steps do I need to follow to continue using this program?

Answer: Do you want to upgrade to the newest version? Iinstall the software on your new computer and use backup and restore procedures.
We have purchased a new computer, (don'T trust the old one). What is the easiest, best way to move handy library to the new computer?

I don't see anything that explains how to back up my database. How do I make sure I don't lose data I've entered? Is that a daily function? Do you have a PDF explanation of that?

Answer: Please review instructions on this page, read how to: export your library catalogue data to a spreadsheet file; define auto-backups?

Question: I have gotten a new computer. Our current library software is on my old computer. How do I transfer our library to my new computer?

Answer: On the old computer, run "Backup Database + Data Folder". Copy two backup files from the old computer's backup folder to the corresponding backup folder on the new computer. Run "Restore Database" and then "Restore Data Folder" on the new computer.

Question: How do we save and make copy of the original DB without overriding the backup within the Handy Library Manager?

Answer: You do not override the backup. Instead, a new backup file is created every time you run the backup.

Question: I have the system right now on an old Mac Mini using parallels and want to move it to a HP system. Do I just run the installation on the HP system then copy over all the files and folders from the Mac; overwriting the original data with the updated?

Answer: Install the software on the HP system. Next, run the backup database and backup database folder on the Mac Mini. Next, move two files (fdb, zip) to your new system and execute the restore database and restore database folder.

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