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Create a new library.

Handy Library Manager allows you to create multiple libraries. Examples of separate libraries: Textbook, Equipment, and Reference Libraries.

If you plan to manage two or more library databases, it would be easier to have three separate installations of Handy Library Manager. You start the library software, and your data is ready to process.

In the case of multiple libraries in one Handy Library installation, you must pay attention to which library is active.

create new library

On the Maintenance tab, click Create New Library.

create new library, enter library name

Type a name for the new library and then click Create.

new textbook library

This function will create a separate library with all needed tables (Library, Borrowers, Loan, etc.) and separate data options (reports, labels, templates).

Multiple libraries, if created, don't share any data. All data has to be entered separately.

Question: Question of the day...is there a way to set up a template for cataloging audiovisual records? Does it need to be a different database?

Answer: You can use library catalogue to inventory all items. Use TYPE or CATEGORY to define the item type (book, cd, dvd). You can also manage your audiovisuals in a separate library database. The above topic explains how to create multiple library databases. Please review: audiovisuals library template

Question: I have three categories of books, books for circulation, books for reference and DVD media. Would I be better off creating three databases or just one and categorizing them in some field? If so, what field would be best for that?

Answer: You can create multiple libraries. In your case we don't suggest to do that. Review sample items included in the installation. There are different types. We suggest to use TYPE or CATEGORY data field to define item type (DVD, BOOK, CD, Book/Reference).

Question: Can I have two libraries? I would like to separate the elementary and high school books so that I have separate libraries. How can I do that?

Answer: Use Create New Library feature. To manage two separate libraries, sometimes it is better to have two separate installations, or install Handy on two computers.

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