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Delete library.

Handy Library Manager allows you to delete library that was created by user. You cannot delete the Main Library that was created during the installation of a program.

delete library

Select the library that you want to delete in the Selected Library box.

On the Maintenance tab, click Delete Library. You can only delete libraries that were created with the Create New Library function.

delete library, warning message

Warning message.

Question: When I downloaded and set up the Handy Library Manager, there were two libraries, "Main Library" and "Institute of Learning Library" (school library).
1. How can I delete "Main Library"?
2. Is it possible to transfer books from "Main Library" to ""Institute of Learning Library" (school library)"? If so, how?

Answer: You cannot delete the Main Library. The Main library database should be used to organize your library. In this case we suggest to run backup of "Institute of Learning Library" (school library), then Restore the backup file to the main library.

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