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Handy Library Manager, Folders

Handy Library installation folder(s), what files, and where:

  • C:\handy_lib\ : installation folder, includes executable files
  • C:\handy_lib\backup\ : backup procedure stores backup files in this folder; you can change the destination in Options
  • C:\handy_lib\data\ : there are several subfolders
       C:\handy_lib\data\db\ : contains report templates, label templates, grid configuration, drop-down boxes, home page file, sort definitions, and more
       C:\handy_lib\data\db\cover_img\ : includes cover images
       C:\handy_lib\data\db\expimp\ : your export/import files
       C:\handy_lib\data\db\view\ : html view files (html files)
       C:\handy_lib\data\scripts\ : script files for auto-cataloging feature
  • C:\handy_lib\db\: includes database file, your data is stored in one file, db.fdb (Firebird SQL database file)



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