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Change field names

We recommend backing up your databases before changing field names or any configuration files.

Some fields such as ID, IDNO, BARCODE, STATUS cannot be renamed.

Review library databases and field names.

  1. Open Change Field Names window.
  2. Select database.

  1. Click on the field.
  2. Enter new field name.
  3. Click Update.
  4. Modify other data fields or click Next.

  1. Click Apply Changes.

Question: In Options/Maintenance there is an option to change field names. I am curious to know why I am not able to see the field names beyond the Custom tab? Am trying to determine the best way to handle lost/missing items. Was thinking I might like to rename the "CONDITION" field on the "Copy Info - Main" tab to "ITEMSTATUS" rather than renaming one of the custom fields?

Answer: Click on the Database list box and, select LIB_COPIES, go to step 2. Select the copy field (CONDITION) and enter a new name.

Question: We have downloaded Handy Library Manager trial. Is it possible to change "custom" field name?

Answer: You can modify field names. We used the change field names feature in the following library solutions:
prison library solution
electronic and paper document library
dvd, video library

Question: How to name a custom field? When adding borrower information, I want to use custom fields. How do I change the "custom" name?

Answer: Select Borrowers in the Change Field Name window. Enter your field names. Save changes.

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