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What do you need to know about the library data transfer?

When we transfer data from Small Library Organizer Pro to Handy Library Manager we verify integrity of your data:

  • in the Small Library Organizer Pro we check for duplicate bar code values for library catalog and borrowers
  • in the Small Library Organizer Pro we check for duplicate name values for borrowers
  • we process transfer and new bar codes are assigned if there are conflicts
  • we process transfer of loan transactions
  • in the case of loans some transactions could not be moved to a new system due to: item was deleted from the main catalog (or title/barcode was changed), borrower was deleted from the Borrowers table (or borrower name/barcode was modified)

display items with new bar code numbers

Open main library catalog.

Select View: Copy Print Marker Checked.

You can also define the search.
PRINT_C Is Equal TO Y (1)
Click Include (2)
Click Search (3)

New bar code numbers are in the BARCODE data field.

Review displayed items. Maybe, you should print new bar code labels.

library loan transactions that were not transferred

We also transfer check in/out transactions.

Some transactions could not be moved.

Report of not-moved transactions are sent in the text file (loanerr.txt).

The report is in the following format:
- one transaction per line
- error message, item title, borrower name, loan data, due date, return date, notes

library loans not moved in excel file format

We can provide Not-Moved Loan Transactions report in a spreadsheet file format.

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