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How to create a report (overdue items report)?

  1. In the Manage Loans window, in the Show section, click Overdue. Only overdue items are displayed.
  2. In the Report box select NEW REPORT.

  1. Print Reports starts with 3 preselected data fields and a simple table layout. We don't need the preselected data fields.
  2. Click on the field in the Included Fields box to select the field and then click Red Arrow icon to remove the unwanted data fields.
  3. Remove ID, ITEM_ID, and ITEM_IDNO data fields.

We are going to create a report where overdue items will be grouped by a borrower. There will be group header (borrower information) followed by the overdue items list.

  1. Scroll down and up in the All Fields box and select the following data fields: I_BARCODE (item barcode), TITLE (item title), TYPE (item type), LAONDATE (date when item was loaned out), RETURNDATE (item return date). When data field name is selected in the All Fields box click Green Arrow icon to include it in the Included Fields box.
  2. Click Quick Preview to review the layout.

In the grouped report you have to define Grouped By and then decide which data fields will be included in the Group Header.

  1. We want to group overdue items by borrower. In the Group By box select B_BARCODE (barcode numbers uniquely indentify borrowers).
  2. Scroll down and up in the All Fields box and select the following data fields: B_BARCODE, NAME, PHONE. Use Green Arrow icon to include the selected field in the Group Report Header.


The total width of the report table is: 1 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 7. The table width is 7, it is less than the width of the printing area 7.5. Printing Area (7.5) = Page Width (8.5) - Left Margin (0.5) - Right Margin (0.5)

Group By: B_BARCODE Group Report Header: B_BARCODE, NAME, PHONE

How to change the column width?

  1. Click on the field name in the Included Fields box.
  2. Review the value in the Width box. Enter new value or modify the old one.
  3. Click Set Width to save it.

Save report design for the future use.

  1. Select Save with View. This view (Overdue Items View) will be executed if the report will be run from the Library Administrator window.
  2. To save this report click Save Report.

  1. Enter name into the Report Name box.
  2. Enter report description into the Report Description box.
  3. Click Save.

Overdue items report in the Library Administrator window.

  1. New report was created in the Manage Loans window. Click on the Loan category to display all reports that were created in the Manage Loans window.
  2. The new Overdue Items By Borrower report is added to the end of the Report list.
  3. When the report is selected the corresponding description and preview are displayed.
  4. To run this report double click on the report name or select the report and click Preview/Print Report.

Remember, this report is using a View (Overdue Items View). If the report is run from the Library Administrator window the view will be executed. Only items that are overdue will be included in the report.

Question: I was hoping the loan receipt report for multiple "today's loans" could be modified. I'd like to add repeating text and be able to separate the borrowers by a few lines. We print, cut and include these in the books they check out in the facility. The check out receipt should tell them how to treat the book and that if they're late they lose chaplaincy privileges. We can adjust out process to print one receipt at a time however. Thanks again.

Answer: Use the same report layout as defined on this page, to print today's loans define the search in the Advanced Search: LOANDATE=CURRENT_DATE

Question: The Report entitled "Overdue Items By Borrower" is printing out every book that each student has ever checked out, even books that the student checked out and returned on time. What am I missing? Do I need to change something in the report?

Answer: You are executing this report in the Manage Loans window. If you select report from the Report box it will include all displayed items. Before you execute "Overdue Items By Borrower" report select Overdue in the Show section. Now only over due transaction are displayed and those transactions will be included in the report.

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