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Predefined reports.

You can run Predefined Reports in two ways:

  1. Run from the Library Administrator window (all report definitions will be used: layout, selected fields, sort, view). How to save all report settings?
  2. Run from the Library, Borrowers, Manage Loans, Manage Fines windows (only layout and selected fields definitions will be used). The view, if saved in the report, will not be used. In this case the predefined report uses the current view that you applied to your data.

1. Run predefined reports from the Library Administrator:

  1. To run a predefined report, find it on the Reports tab in the Library Administrator window.

Important: if the view (query) was saved in the report it will be applied.

Predefined report sample: Today's Loans Grouped By Borrower. The view (query) saved in the report (LOANDATE = CURRENT_DATE) is executed and the report is created.

2. Run predefined reports from the table window:

Run a Predefined Report from the selected data window (Manage Loans).

  1. To run a predefined report, select the report in the Reports box. (In this case the predefined report view definition that was saved in the report will not be used. Predefined Reports when run from the data table use the currently active view that is applied to your data.
  2. In this case Today's Loans view combined with the search: Patron Name = "Mark" will be used.
  3. Report preview for the predefined report run from the Manage Loans window.


Comment: After using the Handy Library Manager for several weeks I do want to say that overall I am pleased with the program and how it works. The program is easy to learn and a number of the reports that come with the program have saved me a great deal of time. I am still learning and exploring various reports and features.

Question: Currently the reports, by default, are printed by title - alphabetically. How do I sort and print chronologically?

Answer: Simple reports (that do not use the "Group By" option) use the order of data defined in the main library window. In the Library main window, define your sort (how to sort library data). And then execute the report.

Question: Is it possible to print shelf list cards using this program?

Answer: You can print spine labels with the shelf information. In addition, you can print shelf list reports, spine labels, or cards. If you provide more information about the format of the report or card layout, we can reply with detailed instructions.

Question: Is there a way to adjust printer settings within the program? For example, can I tell a report to print 2 sided? Or must this be set on the printer itself? Or can I print to a file and adjust from there?

Answer: You can try to set this option in the windows print setup window. However, maybe the best and the easiest way is to print to a pdf file and then print the document from the pdf viewer.

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