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Modify backup/restore folders, field names, dropdown lists.

  • Auto Backup On Exit: set this option if you want to backup all databases when you exit the program.
  • Include Image Files in the backup: book cover images are stored in the c:\handy_lib\data\db\cover_img folder. If included in the backup file, they slow down the backup process and make the backup file (zip) huge. (new in version 4.0)
  • Backup Folder: define the folder where the backup file will be saved.
    Backup procedure creates two separate files:
    1. the backup of the library database (all tables), this is FDB file.
    2. The backup of the database data folder (the database data folder contains all predefined report settings, label settings, notification letters, predefined view settings, statistics definitions, ...). The folder content is zipped into one file.
    There are two Restore functions:
    1. Restore: restores library database.
    2. Restore Folder: restores content of the database data folder.
  • Change Field Names: change data field names in the library databases.
  • Dropdown Lists: define which data fields will be dropdown lists, define list type, load list values from text files.
  • View Pages: read how to define view pages.
  • Edit Home Page (new in v4.0): read how to define your library home page.

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