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How to modify library data view pages (v3.4 and up)?

Data View Page Designer (v3.4 and up)

This topic explains how to create a new HTML view page.

You need basic knowledge of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML language).

We provide free service for users who purchased Handy Library support services. If you would like to create a custom view page, send us an email with the layout description or a sample document in MS Word. We will make the template for you.

View page displays data in the form of the HTML page. Handy Library Manager already offers several data view pages for library items, library new items, borrowers, borrowers new, and loan tables.

handy library view page, predefined templates

You can access View Page Designer from the Options, click View Pages.

library form change order of fields

View Page Designer

The Available HTML Templates (1) dropdown box lists all predefined Html templates. Load any template from the list to review the display or to modify the format.

Click Add (2) to add a new empty view HTML template.

Click Delete (3) to delete the selected template.

Edit Template (4): provides tools that let you create or edit the template file.

Preview (5): review how data will display on the view page.

Click Save (6) to save all changes.

view page designer: create new view
How to define a new view template?
Click Add to create the new empty template.

view page insert fields

Set pre-defined formatting options (1):

  • Insert the field name with the field content
  • Insert additional tags for the table layout

Insert Data Fields:
Select the field (2) in the field list box.

Click Insert Field (3) to insert the keyword on the edit template box.

view page insert copy fields

Select more data fields and include them on the view page (1).

Scroll down and review Copy Fields (2) and decide which ones you want to display.

Click Save and preview changes.

view page save changes and preview result

Click Save and preview changes.

Click Close to test the new template in the Library window.

open library catalog, load new view page

Review the new view page in the library main catalog window.

edit view pages in your HTML editor

You can load and edit your HTML view pages using your favorite HTML page editor. All HTML files you can find in the View subfolder.

edit template, predefined html tags

The Edit Template box offers predefined HTML tags. Click with the right mouse button on the box to display the popup menu. Select the tag to insert the code.

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