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How to define library catalog card?

A library catalog card is a paper card (cardstock paper, usually 3 by 5 inches) that contains bibliographic information about the library item: author's name, book title, item location (call number), publisher, place, date, subjects. Author Card lists author's name on the top of the card. Title Card lists book's title on the top of the card. Subject Card lists book's subject on the top of the card.

In this topic we explain how to create a library index card (title card) and save it to a template for future use.

This topic shows how to use Header/Footer and Keywords in the label design. You can enter keywords in two ways:
<$FIELD:FieldName:$> - there is ":" after the field name, this means spaces should be converted to new lines; This keyword attribute allows for the splitting of the CALL data value into multiple lines, with each space character in the CALL value acting as a new line character.

  1. Click on the Labels box and select New Labels.

  1. Click the Label Type tab.
  2. In the Label Type section click Specialized.
  3. Select BookCards-1 (3 cards per page). Click Quick Preview.

  1. Click the Body tab.
  2. Define left (1) and top (0.3) margins.
  3. Click Change Font button. Select Arial, Regular, and 10 Font Size.
  4. Click Quick Preview.

  1. Click the Fields tab.
  2. Click the Double Red button to remove pre-selected fields.

  1. Go to the end of All Fields box, select $SPACE and click the Green button.
  2. The $SPACE is listed in the first line in the Included Fields box. It represents empty line.

  1. In the All Fields box select TITLE and click the Green button.
  2. Repeat above with $SPACE, AUTHOR, $SPACE
  3. Now select $SPACE and click the Plus Green button. It means that the space (or selected field) will be listed in the same line.

This is the content of the Included Fields box and the corresponding parts on the library catalog card:
1st line: empty line
2nd line: title
3rd line: empty line
4th line: author
5th line: space + space + space + space + space + title + place + publisher + date published
6th line: pages
7th line: empty line
8th line: subject1 + space + subject2 + space + subject3

In the Header/Footer box you can include text and keywords that represent data fields. You can enter keywords in two ways:
<$FIELD:FieldName$> <$FIELD:FieldName:$> - there is ":" after the field name, this means spaces should be converted to new lines

  1. Click the Header/Footer tab.
  2. Enter empty line and then <$FIELD:CALL:$> into the Header/Footer box.
  3. Define left (0.2) and top (0.3) margins.
  4. Click Change Font button. Select Arial, Bold, and 10 Font Size.
  5. Click Quick Preview.

Click Preview Labels to review all library catalog cards.

  1. Are you satisfied with the card design? Click Save Labels.
  2. Enter your library card name into the Labels Name box.
  3. Click Save to save the template for future use.

Practical advice. It will be more convenient if you save your report as a pdf file. PDF Reader applications will let you print one page, selected page, any range of pages, and multiple times.

  1. Click Select Printer.
  2. In the Print Setup window select PDF Writer as a printer name.
  3. Click Ok to save. Now when you click Print Labels it will save the "library cards" report in the PDF file.

How to align labels when printing from PDF document?

library catalog cards, pdf file

Our library database software has predefined labels. Ready to use Catalog-Cards template is using cataloging cards for laser printers by Demco. If you arrange your library items data on different cataloging cards let us know. We will try to create a template.

How to print library card catalog with your library catalog software?

I need a very, inexpensive product that will produce library catalog cards for a small historical society.

Try our Handy Library Manager, easy to use solution for small historical society library. Maybe we can offer you a discount if you do not need all library features.

Old fashioned card catalog. I need to print cards for a card catalog. Will this allow me to do that?

You can design and print cards. You can use a card template supported by the software, you can customize and create your card template, you can contact us with a card template specification that you would like use; maybe we can create a template for you.

I see that you can print barcode labels... We have blank AVERY index cards for printing our database sorted various ways. How can we do this?

I am using your software and using it for our small church library. There are some things I have failed to do and I need guidance:
1 making of catalogue cards 3 inches by 5 inches is the standard size;
2. when you open the application you go straight to the records.
Is there a way I can customize my welcome and use the name of my library?
Review "How to define library catalog card" help topic.

Question: Can I print cards for our card catalog such as a: Title, Author, and Shelf List cards? On the book spine labels can I design of what I want the label to show such as the call number and the copy year?

Answer: You can review the above instructions or reply with the card's image that your library is using; we will try to create a similar layout.

You can include any data on the spine label; please review how to design spine label
Review the list of affordable library supplies.

Question: Printing card catalog cards; Does Handy Library Manager print card catalog cards?

Answer: You can print library cards, review the above instructions or reply with the card's image.

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