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How to set a circulation rule?

Library administrators can add library circulation rules that will set quantity limits and loan periods based on the material and/or borrower type. For example you can set restriction for library reference items, let Teachers to loan 60 items or more.

define circulation rules, check out rules
  • In the Options window on the Loan Options tab click Add (1).

  • In the Add/Edit Loan Rule window select Reference (1) in the Item Field Value box.
  • Do not select any value in the Borrower Field Value box.
  • Enter zero into the Loan Period and Quantity Limit (2) boxes.
  • Click OK to save the rule.

  • The new circulation rule is listed in the Rules (1) box.

  • To test the rule open Check Out.
  • Scan or enter the barcode from the reference book label.
  • The Warning message is displayed: This item cannot be checked out (can only be used in the library).

define loan rule, how to enter item category
  • Enter "Reference" into the TYPE data field.

Where/how do I set up that my Reference books cannot be checked out? Is there a way for me to do that for all Reference category books at once?

Circulation rules you define in the Options/Loan Options window. You can define one "reference books cannot be checked out" rule that will apply to all your REFERENCE items.

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