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How to edit list boxes?

This topic explains how to manage the drop down lists content and how to change the text data field type to the drop down box type.

  • Click Options/Maintenance to access Dropdown Lists function.

  • There are several data fields that have a dropdown list data entry control.
    Check mark in the front of the text field defines dropdown lists.
  • Click CATEGORY.
  • All items are listed in the Dropdown List Items box.
  • Place cursor inside the box, delete entries with errors and items that are not used, add new items, one per line. Click Save Items.

  • Dropdown lists are saved in text files. Open the selected text file in the Notepad and add or delete items.
  • Select the following folder:
    C:/handy_lib/data/db (1)
  • Sort all files by Type (2)
  • go to file section with files: library_3.txt, library_5.txt, ...

    library_3.txt: TYPE dropdown box
    library_5.txt: PUBLISHER dropdown box
    library_7.txt: PLACE dropdown box
    library_8.txt: SERIES dropdown box
    library_10.txt: CATEGORY dropdown box
    library_11.txt: LEVEL dropdown box
    library_12.txt: FORMAT dropdown box
    library_22.txt: SUBJECT1 dropdown box
    library_23.txt: SUBJECT2 dropdown box
    library_24.txt: SUBJECT3 dropdown box

How do I change a text field to a drop down field and vice versa?
How do I change a text field to a date field with a date picker which would include the day?
How do I move the position of field?
Can I delete a field?
Can I add a new field?

You can change a text field type to a drop down type. You can change a field name. You can change the display position of a field. You can customize data display form. You can hide fields. You cannot add new data fields.

Question: Now we need to define the Type or Category of each book, but need help doing that. Can you please send directions for that. We read the Tutorial, but still were unable to add a Category to the existing program. Our Categories are: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Large Print, Donated-Hard Cover, Donated-Paperback, DVD, Audio.

Answer: You can modify drop-down list boxes in the Options window. Open the dropdown lists window, select the data field, and enter the list of valuce into the dropdown list items box.

Question: Please can you help me. I want to add a drop-down option for the "status" option in the Handy Library software. How can I do this?

Answer: The regular text data field you can change to the drop-down type. You can do it in the Options. Open the drop-down list window, select the table, and click the check box in front of the field name.

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