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Help, how to topics > Options > Define users?

User option, passwords.

Define login name and password to the library Administrator (main program) and ad-ons: check in/out, data entry, search modules.

How to define user ids and passwords for the library administrator, search, data entry, check in/out applications?

I was wondering if there would be a way to create multiple user IDs and passwords for different circulation workers. Basically, my hope is that each circulation worker could have their own set of ID/Password to use when working. That way there is a mistake, I can catch who made the mistake and retrain them. Please let me know if that is at all possible with this system.
Answer: The system allows to set one user login/password.

I just know there is one overarching set of Usernames/Passwords for the different type of Users. I wasn't sure about creating multiple Usernames/Passwords for several of the same type of User.
Answer: The system allows to set one user login/password.

Would it be possible with the 1 User/1PC license to install the software on the one computer workstation and provide only certain users with access? Would it be possible to differentiate that access (e.g., 2 users have access to all functionality, 4 additional users have access to check-in/check-out only)?
Answer: You can set the login/password for accessing main program and another login/password for check in/out procedure.

I was wondering if your library software has Administrator rights. For example I would like my personnel to be able to check in and check out documents and look up previous checked out items only. Anything else would have to be done by me, the administrator.

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