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Barcode numbers, length?

Assign unique barcode values to each item. Try to have the same length. Keep your barcode numbers short. Our suggestion is 4 to 6 characters. With 4 characters you can have 0001-9999 unique codes (catalogue up to ten thousand library items), with 5 characters you can have 00001-99999 unique codes (catalogue up to one hundred thousand library items), with 6 characters you can have 000001-999999 unique codes (one million library items).

Don't scan ISBN numbers into the barcode field. If you have multiple copies of the same book you will have duplicate barcode values.

check in, check out, barcode one character length

Checking In and Checking Out will work with different length barcode numbers.

They have to represent unique alphanumeric value.

If your barcode scans barcode that represents 1 our software will process check in/out transaction.

If your barcode is one character long then you could have problems with scanning those barcodes. Some scanners don't read one character length barcodes.

One, two character long barcode numbers.

Regular search, and BARCODE field is selected. You scan the barcode number into the search value box.

The regular search finds all occurrences of the search string (1, 10, 100, 1000, ...).

Choose 4 characters as the length for your barcode then barcode value should be entered as 0001. In this case the search finds only one record.

All of the barcodes checked out. Please help me understand you concern about the small numbers. If we need to be using something else for the id, please let me know. If there is a problem with our IDs, I'd like to know as soon as possible, because we'll have to update all of the records and re label everything.

Can I use ISBN barcode numbers in the barcode data field?

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