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How to set library Loan Rules (due date period, fixed due date, item limits, borrower limits)?

If you do not define the rule the library manager will use default loan period and default maximum number of items.

You can add rules that will override the default setting.

library loan rules, due date, quantity limits, override default rules

You can add rules that will override the default setting. In this case there is a rule: If borrower is a Teacher then she/he is allowed to check out maximum 10 DVDs for 30 days.

Library loan rule sample: teachers are allowed to check out maximum 10 books for 60 days.

how to set fixed due date mode

To use a specific due date for checked out items select Date in the Default Due Date Mode. Enter your fixed due date into the Default Due Date box.

You can override the fixed due date by defining a new loan rule.

Use fixed due date setting in the following situations: items should be returned at the end of the semester, at the end of school year, at the end of the course, at the end of the project.

Question: Where/how do I set up that my Reference books cannot be checked out? Is there a way for me to do that for all Reference category books at once?

Answer: Define loan rule in Options/Loan Options.
TYPE=REFERENCE, Quantity Limit=0

Question: The library system would be for use at a college. The due date is the last day of the semester. Regardless of when a media item is checked out, it will be due on that date. When the next semester begins, we would change the due date to accommodate the next semester.

As an example, all of our students who have media items out now must bring them in before December 15, 2017. The date of check-out does not influence the return due date. At the end of this semester, we would change the due date to May 16, 2018. Then after the spring semester, we would change the return due date to reflect the end of the summer semester.

We are interested in your program but this is a problem. It would be impractical to change the due date for every student every time they check out media items through our office.

Question: Our office has been evaluating your Handy Library System. However, we were unable to find a way to set a hard due date for books and other items checked out. Could you tell me if there is a way to set up a hard due date? If so, how would that be done?

Question: 1. checking out books receive error message "This item cannot be checked out (can only be used in the library)".
2. Return date is showing same as check out date. In the set up 14 days is set.

Answer: Check in/out error and warning messages are triggered by rules. Review rules in the Options, delete rules that you do not need.

I am using your software at our small catholic school library. Is there a way to allow more books for teachers to borrow at once than students? I think the default is at two now, thanks.

Answer: Enter the borrower type value into the TYPE data field. Define limits for teachers and students in loan rules.

Question: For our office, we needed a hard due date for the return of items. You sent a link and that was how our IT people were able to download it. Does the new version have the ability to set a specific due date for returns?

Answer: In the check-out transaction window, you can manually enter the return date. Additionally, you can define Default Return Date (fixed due date). But, first, review the Default Due Date Mode settings in this help topic.

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