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What are book spine labels?

Spine labels help to organize your books in the library. Spine labels simplify the search for items in the library. You can find a book by category (Dewey, LCC, or other classification system), by author, by grade, or by reading level (books are grouped and shelved in this way). Spine labels make it easy to place books back on shelves or into baskets when they are returned.

What you include on the spine label depends on the size and type of your library. Small church library, small school elementary library, or business library will organize items in a different way. Handy Library supports flexible print spine label features. You can use one data field or several fields. To group parts of information on the label you can define gap between fields or place a group of fields in a different area on the label.

Handy Library includes many predefined label types that are ready to use. Print label feature is optimized for regular laser and inkjet printers (labels on Letter and A4 pages). You don't have to purchase an expensive specialized label printer. If you don't have a printer at the library you can print labels to PDF files and then print labels at your office or home.

Handy Library print labels feature let you print one label, selected labels, or all labels. You can print multiple copies of the same label. You can start printing from any label on the sheet.

What label type is good for the spine label. The label type selection depends on:

  • information you would like to include
  • size of the text on the label
  • spine width of your books or documents
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